Welcome to Meadowdale Kinderhaus

Greetings and Welcome to Meadowdale Kinderhaus (house of children), a Waldorf preschool program for 2.5-6 year olds on a developing hobby farm located on the outskirts of Niwot, Colorado. The Kinderhaus offers a mixed age program with a gentle transition between family and school life. Nurturing and protecting childhood in a small group setting is a key element to the Kinderhaus.

Play is the heart of the program and life is the curriculum. Included are the social, domestic, creative and nurturing arts fostering creativity. Within this setting, children experience bread baking, painting, finger plays, songs, stories, gardening, tending to our small gentle farm animals and artistic activities reflecting the mood of the season.

Playthings are of natural materials, allowing the children's imaginations and physical capacities to gently unfold. Great care is taken in planning and providing an entry into school life that fosters wonder, joy and possibility for a life-long love of learning. The Kinderhaus offers a nutritious mid-morning snack and concludes the day with a wholesome organic lunch, some of which is grown and harvested by the children from the garden.

At Meadowdale Kinderhaus, parents are partners in the educational process. Parents and families are invited for morning teas, festivals, garden party work days, and parent artistic and educational evenings.

Stacie Schaefer has over 20 years of teaching experience and holds degrees in Elementary and Waldorf education. She is a devoted caregiver and enjoys caring for children. She works to create a healthy relationship with the children and provides a beautiful environment where the children can experience a healthy life. She and her husband, Dan, are proud parents of one middle school-aged child.

It is with great pleasure that Meadowdale Kinderhaus is here to provide you and your children a safe and loving environment in which your child can unfold naturally. And, where you as a parent find support in your path of parenting and where together we can create a community of people who will enrich our lives and our experience as parents.